Updates to module reviews

Now Playing: Start Again – Lucas King

Aside from a couple of new reviews, I’ve added some Index gifs to the Index page (because she shares the same name as the page, duh) and edited a bit of stuff here and there. I’m not much of an Index fan (Biribiri’s cuter imho), but there it goes.

I’ve also added something that may be quite useful for those that find my module reviews to be too haphazard: A link to the OneDrive folder I created for the module itself. Depending on the module and what I stored there, it contains stuff from weekly readings to the exam questions (and sometimes solutions) went through, or simply tutorial discussion questions. All past module reviews have been updated with this link, which can be found at the bottom of each review.

Time to begin packing for the camp, perhaps other reviews will come up in the near future.


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