Back for a short while~

Now Playing: As The Deer – Robin Mark

Just finished typing a super long reflection for the recent VCF camp I’ve been to. Had an awesome group and met a couple of interesting individuals, so it was four days well spent.

Up next, a couple of days of rest before going for another camp that…I’m not quite sure what I’ll be doing, but I know who to ask regarding what my purpose there should be. Will wait for a reply 🙂

Also, y’all clicking on this blog made it spike to 50+ views in a single day on 4th July. Most of the clicks were to my GET1026 and GET1008 module reviews…which is cool, since I guess not many people took GET1026 but are interested.

Maybe I’ll write a review this weekend! Yay! But I need to choose my own modules too before camp starts…


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