3k hits, 友達 and a new set up~

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The blog recently surpassed 3k hits on July 28th, which was quite surprising since July 22nd was just my 2k hits post. Daily hits have dropped since that record day (28th), so that’s only to be expected since I presume most would’ve around found and made a (Y/N) call on whether they wanna do that mod.

Also made a new 友達 haha~ (thanks for letting me into your world ^^, you should write reviews tooo!)

Added a new screen to my desktop. Previous set up was an old 19″ Samsung SyncMaster SA300 and a 15.6″ AOC E1659FWU, found a 21.5″ Samsung SF350 for S$148 from Fuwell in SLS. A 1080p monitor for less than S$150 is quite hard to find outside of IT fairs, so I bought it.

New set up looks great! Reversed this source pic and used the free version of DisplayFusion to offset the wallpaper on the rightmost monitor (AOC) to make Biribiri’s Biribiri straight.

Last week of holidays up ahead before school begins again. Glad to have a new set up for working on stuff since I hardly watch animes now. Or anything. Or game, for that matter.




VCF FOC 2016 video’s done!

In light of the current shitstorm over sexualized university orientation camps, I feel quite happy to present the completed video of VCF’s 2016 Freshmen Orientation Camp. Like, hello guys, you can have perfectly good and clean fun (and make great friendships!) without having to resort to things like that. I don’t quite get the point, but maybe that’s why I found one camp much more enjoyable and meaningful than another camp.

I’ve pretty much typed out everything that I wanted to in the description section of the video, so yea. Since coming back from the VCF camp, I wanted to make this video, but kept putting it off as I was at another camp for most of the next week, then was busy meeting up with some friends the previous week. So getting it done before school started seemed like the best idea.

One more video for the showreel! To nobody in particular haha, since I’m not a CNM student. Finally, it’s done~!

Also, if anybody wants to take PS2257 – Contemporary African Politics, be prepared to pay through the nose for it. It’s pretty popular (relative to other PS mods anyway). (Un)surprisingly, PS3240 – International Security is not that popular, due to the consensus from those that have taken it to be ‘bloody hell it should be a 4k mod!! so many readings -.-‘ or…something like that. Good luck to everyone there ^^ me too thanks

2k hits and a shoutout

Just thought I’d make a post about the blog hitting 2k hits. Mostly due to module reviews, a big jump by the interview with Vanilla Dream and that’s about it. Also a short essay I wrote about the history of Foreground Eclipse, which now looks quite unprofessional compared to later works.

In any case, I was checking my mail and saw a follow from sliding tackles. Browsed through her/his/their site and they also have module reviews! Although the formatting and style is a bit different, it’s well worth checking out since others may be looking for mods/reviews that I’ve not covered in my limited scope of mods done. On my end, I’m looking forward to her/his review on GEH1022 and might do EU1101E this sem or next, going by what was covered.

Finally, Esther also types/shares about her life in some detail that I’ve rarely reached. It’s quite something to come across that, I suppose, given that most of these can be quite personal and may be difficult to talk about even when surrounded by close friends. So it might be of interest to Christians since she exhibits the frankness that seems common among those whose identity isn’t in their academics or hobbies, but that of Christ.

Round 1A bidding starts next week, so this weekend will be testing of timetables based on preallocated modules >.>


8 covers up and some updates

Alright, first up~

Did the drum covers that I wanted to, here they are:

Chris Tomlin – Good Good Father (Drum Cover 1) – https://youtu.be/9_vVDxgzhg4
Hillsongs – So You Would Come (Drum Cover 1) – https://youtu.be/q2UGUfQbMpA
Hillsongs – All For Love (Drum Cover 1) – https://youtu.be/A88WmOqIsMQ
Hillsongs – Your Name High (Drum Cover 1) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rm2tk671qWo
Martin Nystrom – As The Deer (Drum Cover 1) – https://youtu.be/LD2gOOBSRbg
Michael W. Smith – Above All (Drum Cover 1) – https://youtu.be/AWSsKSP5R8Y
Phil Wickham – This Is Amazing Grace (Drum Cover 1) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XurkxW0nR08
Selah – You Raise Me Up (Drum Cover 1) – https://youtu.be/GT7IoRWlUEg

Also spent most of the afternoon migrating the Sharable Stuff (those that have seen the bottom of each module review will know what I’m talking about) from OneDrive to Mega.nz. I’d keep them on OneDrive, but the storage space was slashed from 15gb to 5gb and I need space for my stuff too ><

Whereas Mega has 50gb available for free users, so all the archived stuff’s going there.

Also added a ‘Webcasted?’ and ‘Course Materials?’ status for each module review because I realized some modules use textbooks and others don’t. Trying to sell the textbook I used for EC1101E on Carousell after logging on several months too late to reply to some offers from last semester. If interested, text me there and I’ll check. Not sure if I should sell the textbooks used for PS2234 and PS2237 too…might be useful for future mods, but otherwise I should really sell them.

Anyway, been quite productive today. Maybe I’ll take a nice break and continue working tomorrow.

Slight edits to Index of Reviews

Realized it was a considerably hassle to find the Index of Module Reviews and copied it to make a new page, which is now nicely accessible from the top. I have no plans to do a drop-down list since it might be a bit messy, so I’ll just let people find the modules they want from the Index.

Finished the last three reviews of outstanding modules before MPE ends in a couple of days, hopefully it helps someone. Or maybe not, since those modules are only available in Sem 2. Regardless, it’s done~

Feeling a bit better, so plans are going to start running again. Couple of covers and maybe some video editing, that sounds about right.

Update 2047: I have uploaded all lecture notes (except for PS2255, don’t have any for some reason) and slides to the relevant OneDrive folders. That includes the popular GET1026 folder that seems to have been clicked on quite a bit and GET1008 that…well, is trying to beat GET1026 in terms of popularity. With the lecture slides, past exam questions and a few of my own notes, this is probably the closest one would get to taking the module and sampling the content without actually having bidded for it.

Go check the module’s links again for those you’re interested in. It’s been updated with slides, some of them are quite useful.

Review of PS2255 – Politics of the Middle East

For other reviewed modules, please check here.

(Alternate title: PS2255 – Politics of the Perpetually Conflictual Region)


As ISIS was rampaging across much of the Middle East last summer and scoring victory after victory like they were playing an RTS game with cheats, I realized that I wanted to do this module because I knew jack shit about the Middle East as a region. Having done modules that covered Northeast Asia and China, India, the United States and Japan, this was a blind spot that could be resolved quite well by taking this module.

Go on…