A caveat regarding module reviews

For some reason, I’m seeing a spike in views for my module reviews, but not from the country I expected (Singapore), but from overseas locations (primarily the U.S). I should probably add that the modules being reviewed are of a certain national university of stairs over in Singapore, so although the codes used may overlap with other module codes used by U.S universities, Iย have not taken those modules as I’m not enrolled in a U.S university.

That said,ย I had been planning to do some module reviews for some time but never really got around to doing so until after I was finished with MUN and the drum covers I had wanted to record. I’ll probably finish the other module reviews before school begins again, but for now having completed five modulesย should be enough.

Up next will be a guide for Kritika Online SEA, then I’ll be away for the next couple of weeks. Expect much less activity during then.


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