18 covers up!


COUNT ‘EM! Rendering 15 videos at once. It’s not that much faster than rendering 15 videos one by one, but saves me from having to start a render every time one finished. Also, apparently 15 is the max number my desktop can render at once.

This has to be some record that will probably remain unbroken for a long time, lol. Spent 3 hours yesterday recording a backlog of covers and counted them…18 in total. I surprised myself as well!

Most of the Christian songs were relatively easy to play and thus only required one take (at most two for a couple), but the Vocaloid covers were a bit more tricky and took a few takes to get a ‘non-shitty’ cover. Quite happy at how some of them turned out I think.

Without further ado, here are the links to said covers:

1. Andrew Yeo – Show Me Your Face (Drum Cover 1)
2. Chris Tomlin – How Can I Keep From Singing (Drum Cover 1)
3. Hillsongs – Awesome In This Place (Drum Cover 1)
4. Hillsongs – Still (Drum Cover 1)
5. Hillsongs – Evermore (Drum Cover 2)
6. Hillsongs – Till I See You (Drum Cover 1)
7. Jesus Culture – I Exalt Thee (Drum Cover 1)
8. Mark Altrogge – I Stand In Awe (Drum Cover 1)
9. Nancy Gordon & Jamie Harvill – Jesus, You’re My Firm Foundation (Drum Cover 1)
10. Planetshakers – Leave Me Astounded (Drum Cover 1)
11. Planetshakers – Open Up The Gates (Drum Cover 1)
12. Planetshakers – This Is Our Time (Drum Cover 1)

13. Three Days Grace – Chalk Outline (Drum Cover 1)

14. ryo – Love Is War (Pandora Mix) (Drum Cover 3)
15. doriko – Uta Ni Katachi Wa Nai Keredo (Drum Cover 2)
16. Neru – The Lost One’s Weeping (Nico Nico Chorus Ver.) (Drum Cover 5)
17. niki – Wave (Nico Nico Chorus Ver.) (Drum Cover 2)
18. Noboru↑-P – Shotgun Lovers (Zessei Bijin Ver.) (Drum Cover 5)

I’d like to thank Zessei Bijin for both granting permission for me to use their PV and Vocal chorus for my cover and for getting back to me so quickly when contacted regarding said permission request. I can’t think of any more songs that I’ll request (or be covering) for the near future, but I’m glad at how the Shotgun Lovers cover turned out.

Up next, I’ll really have to clear than MUN video before the week is out…

Also, nobody who was affected will probably see this, but my apologies to those who were playing on the KF2 server that I host when I was rendering 15 videos :p. My chugging computer was almost dying, so I think players would’ve faced teleporting zeds and might have raged quit if they weren’t dead. In any case, the desktop was too laggy for me to check the server status but I’m sure they were up throughout the whole rendering process.


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