SMUN 2015

Something I had planned to upload but never got around to doing so. Seeing that I’ve been busy with SMUN 2016 this year (my 2nd, and quite possibly my last time attending MUN conferences, which is quite a pity), it felt somewhat nostalgic to look back at the fun I had last year (even if it was marred by certain incidents after it was over) during the conference.

For those that are considering going, I’d highly recommend it. You get the chance to wear nice clothes and walk around pretending/feeling important, which, as you’re (generally) discussing real problem that the world faces, is quite relevant for those that follow current affairs.

You meet new people, younger or older than you, and you learn new things from them. I was pretty surprised at how well spoken and eloquent many of the delegate there were, despite being easily 6 to 7 years my junior. And you get moments of outrageous humor, periods of high tension and stress, and a pretty strong sense of accomplishment after your Council or Committee has successfully resolved a problem.

You may encounter some eyecandy attractive individuals within your Committee or during the social events which are held, and you’ll generally have the freedom to choose to interact with others or not throughout the whole conference. It’s entirely possible to be a reclusive loner (iirc, my council had a couple of people who slept throughout nearly all the council proceedings) that leaves early and barely talks, while others may choose to be a social butterfly (sometimes greased by…let’s say…caffeine or alcohol). To each their own, of course.

This year’s Conference from 13th to 16th June will be one that hopefully goes well. I doubt I’ll get much chance to interact with the delegates, but we’ll see how it goes during the socials ๐Ÿ™‚


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