Opening for Collabs

I’ve spent a bit of time over the past couple of days writing some pages that are relevant to Youtube collaborations. These collaborations are usually quite fun to look back on, so I’ve written some guidelines that detail who I’m looking to collaborate with and done up a nice Google Form for interested applicants 🙂

Currently, the Collab Hall of Shoutouts is empty as I’ve not actively been searching for others to collaborate with. A couple of collaborations are still in the works waiting for the other party to record their part, so it seems like a good idea to put myself out there and see who else might be interested (but wasn’t aware of how to go about it) to collaborate on some covers with.

The Planned Covers page contains some details of songs I’m looking forward to covering in the future. Ideally, the sequence of steps for someone interested would be as such:

  1. Check the Planned Covers page for my Collab status.
  2. Read up on the guidelines for what I’m looking for
  3. Complete the Google Form (including a sample of your past work/covers) and wait for a reply!

That’s about all. Maybe I’ll upload a MUN video somewhere next.


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