Updates on drumming and a DIY tutorial

In light of new stick purchases to replace a couple of pairs of broken sticks, it seemed like a good idea to write a new page on the current drumming equipment which I’m using. As I’m not a professional drummer, it’s better suited as a long Q&A to a single question (“what do you use?”) that I’ve not been asked thus far (and probably won’t be, lol) rather than an advertisement for any particular brand.

In addition, I had planned to write an article or thought about how to make a DIY drumstick holder which was made sometime back, but taking pictures throughout the whole journey for something so trivial didn’t seem like a good use of my 3GB of mediaspace allowed by WordPress for free accounts. A simple video was thus made to save my WordPress mediaspace,ย hopefully it will help other amateur drummers that aren’t interested, willing or able to pay a good sum of money (say $30-$50) for something as simple as a drumstick holder.

3 covers that had been recorded earlier were also uploaded. They are as follows:


Don Harris – For You Alone (Drum Cover 1) – Daniel Choo x Zrn
City Harvest Church – Making A Difference (Drum Cover 1) – EGY x Zrn

doriko – Romeo and Cinderella (Drum Cover 1) (doriko x Otouto no Ane Mix) – Zessei Bijin! x Zrn

Of the three, only Zessei Bijin responded to my contact attempts, so at least I do know I’ve got their approval for the upload~

Feels good to have gotten those covers done. Up next, a busy weekend.


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