9 covers up!

It took much longer than expected to upload all of them (upload completed around 2am last night), so the requisite post here was posted the day after (i.e. now).

Come to think of it, it makes more sense to post the links to the covers directly here so one doesn’t have to go to a video to view links to other videos. Here we go then~


Saekano – Cherish You (Drum Cover 2)

K-ON! – Singing! (Drum Cover 3)


Honeyworks – Kinyoubi no Ohayou (Drum Cover ย 2)


Sound of Paradise – How Could I Live Without You (Drum Cover 1)

Kent Henry – Spirit Touch Your Church (Drum Cover 1)

Chris Tomlin – Our God (Drum Cover 1)

Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman – The Wonderful Cross (Drum Cover 1)

Hillsongs – Home (Drum Cover 2)

Hillsongs – You Hold Me Now (Drum Cover 1)

A post about my current (basic) equipment used for making covers might be forthcoming in the near future.


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