Updates about KF2 servers and odottemita

I have (at long last, if I may add) revamped the list of servers hosted for the game Killing Floor 2. It’s pretty likely that nobody will come over here to see the servers, but it felt nice to put up server banners which looks pretty cool.

The Æthereon logo and name at the bottom right is for a Steam group/clan that a few friends and I are running for the game, though our in-game activity has dropped markedly in recent months due to both studies and other games like Lobbies of Icarus and Countersnipe: Global Offensive. Both of these games are pretty fun, so the lack of community-desired content updates on Killing Floor 2 has done little to bolster the game’s declining population.

Nevertheless, the KF2 servers will continue to remain up on weekday evenings and weekends generally (as mentioned in the server policy).

Finally, watching a recent addition to my Youtube subscription feed triggered an interest in further elaboration on a past essay which I had written about the odottemita subculture. It is a much shorter at 1.4k words compared to the original essay that was 4 words short of 5k words, but I’d like to think it gave me some room to express one’s thoughts regarding the evolution of the subculture. Perhaps the addendum may be considered as the verbose counterpart of Youtube ‘First!’ comments, or it may simply be a reflection of current updates which I think are relevant to something which was written in the past.

In any case, it’s probably time for a good break from essays. Maybe some covers will be up next~


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