Updates on drumming and a DIY tutorial

In light of new stick purchases to replace a couple of pairs of broken sticks, it seemed like a good idea to write a new page on the current drumming equipment which I’m using. As I’m not a professional drummer, it’s better suited as a long Q&A to a single question (“what do you use?”) that I’ve not been asked thus far (and probably won’t be, lol) rather than an advertisement for any particular brand.

In addition, I had planned to write an article or thought about how to make a DIY drumstick holder which was made sometime back, but taking pictures throughout the whole journey for something so trivial didn’t seem like a good use of my 3GB of mediaspace allowed by WordPress for free accounts. A simple video was thus made to save my WordPress mediaspace, hopefully it will help other amateur drummers that aren’t interested, willing or able to pay a good sum of money (say $30-$50) for something as simple as a drumstick holder.

3 covers that had been recorded earlier were also uploaded. They are as follows:


Don Harris – For You Alone (Drum Cover 1) – Daniel Choo x Zrn
City Harvest Church – Making A Difference (Drum Cover 1) – EGY x Zrn

doriko – Romeo and Cinderella (Drum Cover 1) (doriko x Otouto no Ane Mix) – Zessei Bijin! x Zrn

Of the three, only Zessei Bijin responded to my contact attempts, so at least I do know I’ve got their approval for the upload~

Feels good to have gotten those covers done. Up next, a busy weekend.


9 covers up!

It took much longer than expected to upload all of them (upload completed around 2am last night), so the requisite post here was posted the day after (i.e. now).

Come to think of it, it makes more sense to post the links to the covers directly here so one doesn’t have to go to a video to view links to other videos. Here we go then~


Saekano – Cherish You (Drum Cover 2)

K-ON! – Singing! (Drum Cover 3)


Honeyworks – Kinyoubi no Ohayou (Drum Cover  2)


Sound of Paradise – How Could I Live Without You (Drum Cover 1)

Kent Henry – Spirit Touch Your Church (Drum Cover 1)

Chris Tomlin – Our God (Drum Cover 1)

Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman – The Wonderful Cross (Drum Cover 1)

Hillsongs – Home (Drum Cover 2)

Hillsongs – You Hold Me Now (Drum Cover 1)

A post about my current (basic) equipment used for making covers might be forthcoming in the near future.

Updates about KF2 servers and odottemita

I have (at long last, if I may add) revamped the list of servers hosted for the game Killing Floor 2. It’s pretty likely that nobody will come over here to see the servers, but it felt nice to put up server banners which looks pretty cool.

The Æthereon logo and name at the bottom right is for a Steam group/clan that a few friends and I are running for the game, though our in-game activity has dropped markedly in recent months due to both studies and other games like Lobbies of Icarus and Countersnipe: Global Offensive. Both of these games are pretty fun, so the lack of community-desired content updates on Killing Floor 2 has done little to bolster the game’s declining population.

Nevertheless, the KF2 servers will continue to remain up on weekday evenings and weekends generally (as mentioned in the server policy).

Finally, watching a recent addition to my Youtube subscription feed triggered an interest in further elaboration on a past essay which I had written about the odottemita subculture. It is a much shorter at 1.4k words compared to the original essay that was 4 words short of 5k words, but I’d like to think it gave me some room to express one’s thoughts regarding the evolution of the subculture. Perhaps the addendum may be considered as the verbose counterpart of Youtube ‘First!’ comments, or it may simply be a reflection of current updates which I think are relevant to something which was written in the past.

In any case, it’s probably time for a good break from essays. Maybe some covers will be up next~

Addendum to May 8th, 2016 essay titled ‘Odottemita in Singapore: A Comparative Commentary’


Since writing the essay on the odottemita subculture in Singapore and Japan, there has been a glacial change in some topics touched upon within the essay. As these issues are admittedly minor in magnitude, there is little need for a second essay to be written simply for these additions to be made. In the interest of further building on the foundations established within the original essay, this addendum was thus created.

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Steamrolled Inhibitions: Aum Shinrikyo’s motivations for the 1995 sarin gas attack

One reading which I was assigned last semester revolved around learning about the Aum Shinrikyo gas attacks in the Tokyo subways of 1995. A pretty good documentary has been made about the incident, but for those that aren’t looking to procrastinate for 46 minutes, a quick read of the relevant Wikipedia article would be enough to fill you in on what happened.

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