Some drum tracks

It’s rare that I drum in church (once a month atm), and rarer still that I bring my double bass pedals (since they’re pretty heavy and it’s a bit troublesome to replace them both before practice and the actual service).

So I guess it’s rare cubed that I recorded myself drumming during today’s church service and well, uploaded it on my channel so I can check it out next time if I feel like. I guess the biggest difference between playing to a recorded track compared to playing live is the lack of fluidity in the former. The band does move and flow with the drummer (more or less, anyway) in a live setting, which is quite cool.

On the flipside, playing to a backing track does allow for a lot more to be done musically at a lower skill level. You can pull off things that you normally wouldn’t dare try to in a live setting because you know at the back of your mind that you can always lock back on to the backing track’s beat/rhythm if you go slightly out of time. Not saying that you can’t do that in a live setting, but it requires a higher level of timekeeping and technique to pull stick tricks or complex fills and still not go out of time.

That said, here are the videos:

Planetshakers – Majesty

Mark Conner – Crown Him King of Kings & Hillsongs – Shout To The Lord

Hillsongs – Christ Is Enough

Jesus, Most Exalted Name

That’s about all for now I guess. I’ve got an idea of some songs to cover but it’ll have to wait till the term’s over.




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