Drum covers have all been edited and uploaded to their various places, linkbacks and links to here have been done. Time to write a post here for any new visitors that see based on what happened with Vimeo.

After my Vimeo site went down, I’m not planning to restart one there uploading anime stuff since it seems more trouble than it’s worth. I might look at Youtube in the future for anime mashups, but they’ll be scattered around and the links to them should be within this page. So it might be like a treasure hunt of sorts, but I’ll make an announcement when they’re done.

ETA for future posts/essays: Pretty long. Say, maybe a few weeks, as I would be quite busy in the coming weeks. The long gap between my previous blog post and this is what happens when I’m busy, so there should be another long gap. But working with Yuzuri Yukari was fun~

Alright then, cya around. Will hope to record more covers for Memories maybe next week.