Day 2

Changed the site’s theme to something that’s a bit more handy (although it feels slightly squeezed with dual sidebars, but it’s better than having an extremely long single sidebar) and made some stuff look better.

Alright then, the site will probably remain quite quiet until something of value is actually posted (lol). I’ll have to update a few other platforms, but looking forward to my first substantial page.


Hello World

Made this site for the, well, random essays which I think will be posted up here. I’ve got a few ideas which will take some time to work out, but I do intend to see them completed and up on this site. Sadly there’s no footnote function, so I’ll probably have to use the Author-Date citation style (which I dislike/lol, but it’ll look better than psuedo-footnotes) when typing out these essays.

That said, I’m not planning to abandon my main site at just because I’ve started up a WordPress. The various SMPs I’m on all fulfill different purposes, whether it’s for uploading of videos or showing of pictures. I know some people would snap pics and post it on Facebook or something, but I’d prefer to just share it via Instagram. Same goes for these ‘essays’, I don’t want to post them on Facebook since it seems counter-intuitive to do so. Few people go to Facebook to watch videos or streams, they’d do it at Youtube or Twitch. So each SMP has its purpose for me in channeling a particular audience to, well, what they want. It means that my Facebook friends won’t get spammed by my drum cover videos while my main site gets cluttered with random pics that I thought would be funny.

One site, one (or a few) purposes. But not spamming everything through one/a few sites.

Alright then. The first essay will be up in maybe a few weeks time. In the meantime, I’ll be busy with real life commitments and updating the rest of the SMPs so they’re more or less in sync with each other.